Welcome to Johns Creek

Johns Creek is a deed-restricted, community of 583 homes located in the growing northwest area of beautiful Saint Johns County, Florida. We are about 15 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and midway between the historic town of Saint Augustine and the grand city of Jacksonville.

Located on a beautiful 350 acre site, Johns Creek features an abundance of conservation areas and 9 lakes. Our winding streets and sidewalks enhance our feeling of community. Our two Amenity Center facilities include indoor and outdoor recreational buildings, 3 pools, 3 children's playgrounds, a fitness center, tennis court facility, 2 basketball courts and 2 multipurpose fields.

Johns Creek is about community. We are neighbors and friends. We invite you to join us and share our gracious lifestyle.

Traffic Calming Study Ballot Results

Johns Creek Parkway Team:

We have tabulated the results of the Johns Creek Parkway ballot in regards to the proposed raised pedestrian refuge island as noted below:

1. There were a total of 529 ballots mailed;
2. A total of 251 ballots were returned;
3. Of the 251 ballots returned: 5 were invalid (3 signatures w/o choice and 2 choices w/o signatures) and 246 were valid.
4. A quorum (minimum 30% valid ballots) was reached: 46.5% (valid ballots) were received.
5. Of the 246 valid ballots: 98 were marked "In-Favor" and 148 were marked "Not In-favor"
6. The total "In-favor" ballots resulted in 39.8% "In-Favor"; a total of 60.2% were "Not In-Favor".
7. A minimum of 75% "In-favor" vote is required for the traffic calming project to move forward.

In consideration of these results, the traffic calming measure (proposed raised pedestrian refuge island) will NOT be recommended to move forward.

As committed at the public meetings and as stated on the ballot instruction letter and ballot, the following Proposed Traffic Calming Plan operational (NON-Ballot) solutions will be implemented by the County:

1. Re-marking ("ladder design") of the two existing crosswalks at the Johns Creek Parkway/Nature Walk Parkway intersection;
2. Installation of "Double-yellow" pavement markings on Nature Walk Parkway from the "Stop" bar at Johns Creek Parkway, to a point about 50 feet further west;
3. Installation of two (2) electronic speed "Feedback" signs on Johns Creek Parkway in the vicinity of Nature Walk Parkway (precise locations to be determined in the field); and
4. Requesting additional speed law enforcement, to be provided when feasible.

These actions will be implemented over the next 30-45 days, with completion expected on or before April 28th.

We appreciate and thank you for your continued participation and cooperation.

Angelo Rao , PE
Director of Local Government Services
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